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Re: OT - Programming Languages w/o English Syntax

* Tom (tb.31020.nospam@comcast.net) [031021 15:32]:
> Have we figured out who owns the Moon yet?

Narrator:  The moon.  For several years, she has fascinated many.  But
           will man ever walk on her fertile surface?
           [cut to a shot of Adlai Stevenson at some sort of press
           Democratic hopeful Adlai Stevenson says so.
Stevenson: I have no objection to man walking on the moon.
           [photographers snap several pictures]
           [cut back to the moon where a family plays on the moon's
           fertile surface]
Narrator:  By 1964, experts say man will have established twelve
           colonies on the moon, ideal for family vacations.
           [a man fishes a comely moon maiden out of a crater.  She
           winks at the audience]
           [a chart shows the difference]
           Once there, you'll weigh only a small percentage of what
           you weigh on Earth.
           [cut to a shot of a chubby boy eating pie]
           Slow down, tubby!  You're not on the moon yet!
           [cut to a shot of the moon, with an American flag
           superimposed on it.  The camera pulls back to reveal some
           men in spacesuits]
           The moon belongs to America, and anxiously awaits the
           arrival of our astro-men.  Will you be among them?
           [fini.  The film runs off the reel]
Ralph:     Miss Hoover, the movie's over.
Lisa:      Where's Miss Hoover?
Janey:     [looks out the window] Hey, her car's gone.
Ralph:     Maybe she drove to the moon.

good times,
"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."  -- Barry Goldwater 

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