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Re: A newbie's confusion about GPL (BS)

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 01:26:38PM -0400, Thomas Pomber wrote:
> But I suspect American feelings about their military might are over-rated.  For instance, if they gave a shit, China would kick your ass in a war.
> America has become a bully.  And pride comes before a fall.

You haven't seen American military power yet.  All of you've seen is us 
holding back, cause the TV crew is looking.

I was on a plane to Cali, sitting next to a guy going to Ft. Pendleton.  
He was in PsOps -- told me some great stories.

One was about Somalia.  All you heard on TV was the American getting 
dragged through the streets.  You didn't hear about the next day, when 
we went in to get some payback: guy told me we fired so many shots, the 
soldiers gun barrels melted.  Killed about 200 civies for payback.

Another guy told me the true story about the first gulf war: on TV, you 
saw pictures of Iraqis surrendering to TV crews.  In the radio room, my 
friend told me stories of Iraqis walking out of bunkers only to be 
gunned down.

So, if you want to get all pissed off, get REALLY pissed off, cause the 
truth is 500 times worse than your theories, but don't be mistaken that 
what's going on Iraq is because we couldn't massacre the fuck out of 
them.  We're holding back, trying to be nice.

The whole European "we've evolved beyond war" is an illusion - I can't 
wait for the next good war you get yourselves into.  It'll happen.  And 
I'll be there calling you a baby killer.

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