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Help with VIA EPIA-CL mini-ITX with two onboard ethernet ports

Ho hum, do hope I haven't got myself ahead of Debian hardware 

Situation is that I have to replace an ageing three port firewall on 
my home/ADSL network.  I wanted something small and quiet so have 
bought a little box with a VIA EPIA-CL mini-ITX motherboard which has 
two ethernet ports.  The manual says: 
"LAN: dual LAN
   VIA VT6105 LOM 10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet
   VT6103 PHY"
to provide the third port the suppliers had put in an SMC 1255 TX-PF 
PCI ethernet card.  

Debian stable boot disks (compact version) showed
"eth0 VIA VT6102 Rhine-II at 0xc800, 00:40.... rest of MAC, IRQ 12
   MII PHY found at address 1, status 0x78?? [can't read own 
handwriting] advertising 05e1 Link 0000"

and when I took the SMC card out and rebooted I think things changed 
and dmesg now shows:
"3c59x.c 18Feb01 Donald Becker and others ...
pcnet32.c: PCI bios is present, checking for devices...
via-rhine.c:v1.08b-KL1.01.1 12/14/2000 Written by Donald Becker

However, when I get to the installation of network drivers in the 
Debian installation sequence, I select the via-rhine drivers and 
offer no parameters and get:

"/lib/modules/2.2.20-compact/net/via-rhine.0: init_module: Device or 
resource busy"
... and the rest of the failure notice.

Has anyone succeeded in installing the network drivers on this 
motherboard?  It's moderately crippling to me at the moment as the 
machine (silly me) hasn't got a CDROM as I've never had problems with 
the floppy and network installation route in the past.



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