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Re: No X configuration offered during install of Woody (30r1)

Op di 21-10-2003, om 19:13 schreef Roberto Sanchez:

> Olav Lavell wrote:
> >>The Debian base system is too much?
> > 
> > Isn't it?
> > 
> > Why would one ever install Exim in a _base_ system? To name just
> > one.
> I believe because certain things (like the daily update of the man and
> locate databases) depend on the ability to send mail to a user on the
> system if there is a failure or a problem.

I know, I know - I just don't agree 100% with that policy, that's all :)

Why does anything want to send mail to anyone on a Linux system? Can't
they read log files? :)

Sending mail to an administrator is luxury, not necessity.

> Thus, without such funcitonality it would be a broken system.

No, it would just be a smaller system.

Less installed packages & less complex depencies = easier to maintain.


> BTW, exim can be configured to only do local mail deliveries (i.e., no
> incoming mail from other hosts and no outgoing mail to other hosts).

I know, I know - but you can't just drop it altogether without a lot of

Oh, and it's not a big deal either, please don't think I'm against
Debians standard choices for installation. I agree that for 90% of all
cases the Debian base system is exactly right. And a good base to build
your system further. I did not mean to start a discussion on this.

Met vriendelijke groet,


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