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Re: Lots of brokeness in Sid this morning

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Kent West wrote:

Kent West wrote:

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 09:31:03AM -0500, Kent West wrote:

I did an apt-get upgrade on a sid box just now, and now there are a lot of broken apps.

Steve Mayer wrote:

I removed the gsfonts-other package and the
 applications started working fine for me again.

Yep, that fixed everything! Thanks, Steve!

Why did it fix everything?  I don't even have gsfonts-other installed
and I still can't get the Debian packaged thunderbird to run.


I've been using thunderbird downloaded from mozilla.org, and unpacked to /usr/local/thunderbird, with a symlink at /usr/local/bin/thunderbird pointing to /usr/local/thunderbird/thunderbird.

As part of my upgrade this morning, I also installed mozilla-thunderbird from the Debian repositories. This version of thunderbird ("mozilla-thunderbird &") errors out with:
westk[@westek]:/home/westk:> mozilla-thunderbird
find: /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/startup-hooks.d/*: No such file or directory

and then just dies. So I'd say there's still some brokenness in sid's version. I don't know what the fix is for that.

I've gone back to using Mozilla for now; although I like thunderbird and firebird, they both need just a little more polish before they replace the old monolithic Mozilla for me.But when I do use thunderbird, as implied above, I just use the non-sid version.


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