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Re: Problems installing xfree86 4.3 from experimental

On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 02:51, Alexander Barinov wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to install debian/unstable on my laptop and I badly need
> xfree86 4.3 there. I use aptitude for package management.
> So that's what I did:
> 1. Added
>   deb-src http://ftp.debian.org/debian ../project/experimental main
> to my sources.list
> 2. Updated package lists using 'u' key in aptitude.
> But aptitude still shows me that I can't upgrade xfree86 packages
> because available version is 4.2-12
> What am I doing wrong?

deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian ../project/experimental main contrib

Try that added to you sources.list. Then "aptitude update". Then run
aptitude in interactive mode and select the version you want. Be careful
You want tp make sure you install "ALL" the same versions of those you

Currently here is my list of experimental XFree86:

lbxproxy libdps1 libxaw7 proxymngr twm x-window-system
x-window-system-core xbase-clients xdm xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi
xfonts-base xfonts-scalable xfree86-common xfs xfwp xlibmesa-dri
xlibmesa-gl xlibmesa-glu xlibs xlibs-data xlibs-dev xnest xprt
xserver-common xserver-xfree86 xspecs xterm xutils xvfb

I am currently running  4.3.0-0pre1v3

greg@king:~$ apt-show-versions -a x-window-system-core
x-window-system-core    4.3.0-0pre1v3   install ok installed
x-window-system-core    4.1.0-16woody1  stable
x-window-system-core    4.2.1-12.1      testing
x-window-system-core    4.2.1-12.1      unstable
x-window-system-core    4.3.0-0pre1v3   experimental
x-window-system-core/experimental uptodate 4.3.0-0pre1v3

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