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Re: disable boot logo from LILO (kernel boot command line)?

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Daniel Barclay wrote:
> > Is it possible to disable the boot logo from LILO (e.g., via a kernel
> > boot parameter)?
> >
> > With vga=ask in lilo.conf, when I boot and select a video mode, it seems
> > LILO changes the video mode but the kernel immediately changes the mode
> > back (to whatever supports the logo).
> >
> > I want to boot using a higher resolution mode (to get more lines and wider
> > lines on the console) and without the logo taking up space and messing
> > up full-text-screen programs like less.
> >...
> vga=normal gets you 80x25, but I don't think that is what you want.
> To get hi-res text console you need to have the framebuffer,

That is not correct.  On my home system, "vga = 10" gives me 60 lines 
of 132 characters, which is higher resolution than the default 24 x 80.

> which usually has the logo.  To get rid of the logo, you probably need to
> recompile the kernel.

That really sucks if true.

Any idea why Debian would leave in (or patch in?) such a flashy-but-
useless feature given how badly it breaks other things?  

(You can no longer use vga= in lilo.conf to use a high-resolution text 
mode to see kernel boot messages.  If you run less on the console, the 
top lines of the file aren't visible, apparently because less thinks
the screen is 24 lines high, but the first 4 lines don't work because
of the boot logo.)

Daniel Barclay

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