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Re: HELP - dpkg status file was lost

Richard Brooks wrote:

All was going along swimmingly until I got a segmentation fault in a dselect operation, which resulted in me having to press the dreaded reset switch.

After having repaired the partition, and losing a few crashed sectors along the way . . .   I lost the status file for dpkg/dselect/apt-get.

Now - I cannot do any dselect/apt-get/dpkg operations without a segmentation fault (which doesn't need a reset)  or it tells me to run dpkg --configure -a to fix it - which won't work.

Is there any way to re-make the status file ?

No quips about reinstalling the lot, that already looks likely lol

I deleted the files in lost&found - I suspect that may have been a fatal error.

Please advise with a solution (if you all can) - I'd *just* gotten the XMicro GeForce 5200 to work, audio was fine (except permission denied for non root user) - In general was in the midst of actually learning something new, and now I am majorly stuck.

Thanks in Advance,

ps :    How can I get it to see the whole 1Gb of RAM ?
pss :  kernel option on boot ?  only sees about 890Mb or so

You ought to have a week's worth of backups of the status file
in /var/backups.  They are called dpkg.status.X[.gz], and they are
rotated just like regular log files.  So, dpkg.status.0 was made
in the last 24 hours, dpkg.status.1.gz is the old .0, and so on.

Just copy one that isn't screwed up into /var/lib/dpkg.  It should
just be called status.



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