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Linux smb r/w access on subdir in Windows share

I run Debian unstable on my desktop at work.

The file and print services are Windows-based, as are most of the
other desktops.

I am able to get either rw or ro access to the network share. I am
also able to print to the Windows network printer.

Security is not a big issue, it seems, since I am able to read and
write anywhere on the entire share.

I would like to create two mountpoints. One that has the entire
share mounted with ro and one that gives rw access to my personal
directory which is a subdirectory somewhere on that share.

I am only able to mount the share and then "cd" along to my desired

Is it possible to mount a subdirectory?

If not, is it possible to get some protection by configuring my
Samba client to enforce access based on where I am in the directory
tree of the share?

Currently I am not looking for a better or more secure solution for the
company  network. I just want to make sure that the power of the
*nix-shell will not result in a disaster. I have never had an oops
with rm, but I'd like to make sure that a small typo does not wipe
out the entire shared drive.


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