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Re: Kmail 2 features (was: Re: More on spam)

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 19:28, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
> On Saturday 18 October 2003 03:53, cr wrote:
> > I'm using Kmail 1.3.2 in KDE 2.2.2. in Woody.    I thought that POP
> > filter was a feature that was only in Kmail 2.
> True, true - that version doesn't have POP filters yet IIRC. It's not
> KMail 2, though, they just went on with 1.4 and are now at 1.5.3
> (which is in sid and which I'm using).
> >  (And I shied off
> > Kmail 2 - and RedHat 9 - because the first time I tried to run it,
> > it warned me that messages I hit 'Delete' on are gone - I can't
> > retrieve them from Trash.
> That's not true; in current KMail there's two ways to delete a
> message: "Delete" or "Move to Trash". "Delete" immediately,
> irrevocably deletes a message. "Move to Trash" works like the old
> delete function. The default behavior is actually "Move to Trash" and
> it's only warning you to make sure you know the difference.

Thanks!   That wasn't apparent from the warning message.    In every other 
respect, Kmail does exactly what I want....   I'm now *much* happier about 
the prospect of upgrading to a later Kmail when the next Debian stable 
release comes out.


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