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Re: Kmail 2 features (was: Re: More on spam)

On Saturday 18 October 2003 03:53, cr wrote:
> I'm using Kmail 1.3.2 in KDE 2.2.2. in Woody.    I thought that POP
> filter was a feature that was only in Kmail 2. 

True, true - that version doesn't have POP filters yet IIRC. It's not 
KMail 2, though, they just went on with 1.4 and are now at 1.5.3 
(which is in sid and which I'm using).

>  (And I shied off
> Kmail 2 - and RedHat 9 - because the first time I tried to run it,
> it warned me that messages I hit 'Delete' on are gone - I can't
> retrieve them from Trash.

That's not true; in current KMail there's two ways to delete a 
message: "Delete" or "Move to Trash". "Delete" immediately, 
irrevocably deletes a message. "Move to Trash" works like the old 
delete function. The default behavior is actually "Move to Trash" and 
it's only warning you to make sure you know the difference.

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