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Re: More on spam

Sure, if I delete the spam, the spam will be deleted.

But having to delete the spam *is* the problem, not the solution. The
problem is, you go to bed, and in the morning there are 250 154K
messages that have to be downloaded, seeked and erased, or worse, seeked
and erased with a not-too-fast webmail interface.

You can dump a free Yahoo mail account easily, but if it is your ISP
email account that is bombed, it is a lot worse.
Sidney Brooks wrote:
As a result of my thread here, I am getting an almost
endless stream of spam messages, supposedly from
microsoft. Unless I clean out "bulk" and "trash" every
few hours, they are pushing me beyond my Yahoo
allowance. The effect is to cut me off from sending
and receiving messages. Is this happening to everybody
or have I been singled out because I have posted so
many message in the last day or so? If the former, at
what will it have to conceded that the spammers have
made this user organization useless?

You are not being singled out.  Neither has this
rendered the list useless.  Check the list archives
for various solutions to the problem:

-deleting spam at the server
-downloading and filtering
-checking specifically for the signature of Swen
  (which seems to be the biggest culprit lately)

Of course, you will need to activate the POP feature
on your Yahoo! account first and setup a MTA/MUA
on your machine.



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