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Re. More on spam

Filters will not solve the problem. The problem is
that so much spam is coming in that it overloads the
allocated mailbox space and then Yahoo, and I presume
other services, refuse to accept more email. A filter
can divert spam into trash, but trash counts against
your quota until you delete it. You can't use the
"reject sender" option, because the spammers targeting
this site change the name of the sender with just
about every message. Allowing some program to judge
which messages to accept or throw out wont work either
because it would reject desired messages that it
thought looks like spam.
Although we hate to face the truth, the spammers like
the terrorists are winning. Just as it seems that we
will never go back to the time when we could go from
our cars to an airplane without layers of security
protection, we may never be able to have email with
messages we want. Spam is like junk mail that dosn't
cost the sender postage.

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