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Re: More on spam

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 21:20:24 +0800, John Hasler wrote:

> Klaus writes:
>> Nothing heroic about installing spamassassin.If I can do it nobody else
>> should have a problem with it.
> I have it and other measures installed, but the spam is still a major
> PITA. Most newbies are not going to be able to get spamassassin working.
> and won't try.  I no longer recommend this list to people asking for
> help on Usenet.

Where do you recommend sending people for help? 

As for getting spamassassin installed, I will fumble a bit in the dark,
despite the instructions, and scream for help in a bit. This flood of
spam I have recently been getting amounts to 20MB a day. And my ISP could
not give a flying fsck.

Thanks for the reference Klaus, to spamassassin and Kmail. 


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