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Re: More on spam

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 21:04, IRIOS@telefonica.net wrote:
> Sure, if I delete the spam, the spam will be deleted.
> But having to delete the spam *is* the problem, not the solution. The
> problem is, you go to bed, and in the morning there are 250 154K
> messages that have to be downloaded, seeked and erased, or worse, seeked
> and erased with a not-too-fast webmail interface.
> You can dump a free Yahoo mail account easily, but if it is your ISP
> email account that is bombed, it is a lot worse.

Sounds like you have a POP account?    I had to go the webmail route a couple 
of times when Kmail showed there was >> 2MB of mail in my account.   A pox on 
ISP site authors who design over-fancy slow-loading Webmail screens  :(

But anyway, now I've found a rather primitive but effective little utility 
called  pop3browser  that I can recommend.   Runs in a terminal window, 
downloads a list of message sizes, allows me to select which ones to delete  
(and the ones > 100K stick out a mile in the list).    I assume nobody's 
sending me legitimate messages > 100K anyway.   But be *very* careful only to 
mark the messages you want deleted, you get no second chance if you delete 
the wrong one.

There's a similar utility called  popcheck that was recommended to me, but it 
stalled halfway through the list of messages the first time I used it.   
Might be worth another try.

I only bother with pop3browser if Kmail shows me (when it starts) that 
there's > 1MB of mail in the box.     But it sure beats the heck out of 


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