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Initrd modules


I've created a cramsfs initrd image and while booting the kernel says
it's loaded okay. I've set the modules to all in mkinitrd.conf and just
to be sure I've added the following modules to the modules file:
scsi_mod, sd_mod and pdc-ultra (what seems to be the correct driver for
my Promise 20378 RAID controller... It recognised my controller when
using modprobe). I removed my hd's from their ordinary IDE connectors
and attached them to the RAID controller (master has complete debian
installation, slave is unpartitioned) and rebooted. However the kernel
doesn't seem to modprobe the modules before trying to mount the root
filesystem... And therefore panics :( Any ideas on how to fix this?



PS. I'm not on the list so could you please cc any replies to me?

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