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Re: The following packages have been kept back

"D." <youto_22554@yahoo.com> writes:

> Haven't you ever done a dselect update and then a apt-get -u upgrade
> and found that you have 30 or some large number of packages that are
> not going to be installed?

Not really; apt-get isn't intended to be used that way.  See the first
paragraph of apt-get(8).  I'm reasonably happy using aptitude for most
things, especially since it gives me at least a little control over
upgrade conflict handling ("no, don't remove these seven packages I
care about, put perl on hold instead").

> When that happens, I have done the apt-get dist-upgrade and it will
> install a lot of packages that were not going to be installed during
> a normal upgrade... I'm running testing in case your curious.

...and if you *are* in that world, you probably want to be using
dist-upgrade all the time anyways, since sometimes packages change
names, split up, and so on.  'apt-get upgrade' is mostly useful for
incremental changes if you're tracking stable and you really really
really don't want your installed package list to change at all.  (And
even then, I still use aptitude on my woody machine.)

David Maze         dmaze@debian.org      http://people.debian.org/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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