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Re: Noisy computer

It isn't veryfan, but varyfan and it works using the
/proc fs and lm-sensors. I tried it and it wants the
control pwm2 which apparently is not used by my mobo.
But since my fan does not shut up with XP (when I used
it last year) and yours does, you probably will have
better luck. Google for varyfan...



Antonio Rodr wrote:
> I have a HP Pavilion 250y that becomes very silent
after a while with
> XP, but with sid it doesn't stop making noise. I
think it is the fan. I
> was reading a thread at
> and they describe a very similar situation. 
> Does anyone have the same problem? In the discussion
above they mention
> veryfan, I couldn't find it in the packages. Does
sid have any thing
> similar packaged? Any ideas? Could be something else
causing the noise.

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