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Re: Re. CD writer

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 03:43:12PM -0400, Antonio RodrP`????? wrote:
| > Here's what worked (very well, I might add) for me:
| > 
| > Configuring the kernel (this is done before compiling the kernel):
| How do you do this, through make menuconfig?

Choose your poison ;-).

| I suspect you mean manually editing some file. Could you please be
| more concrete as to what file needs editing?

The file that needs to change is .config in the top-level directory of
the source tree of the kernel you are building.  If you prefer, you
can edit that file manually.  Alternate methods of editing the file
    make config
    make menuconfig
    make xconfig

The details I listed are the option names as they appear in the
.config file (which ends up being /boot/config-<kernel version> if you
build the kernel with make-kpkg) and as they appear in the "Help"
text.  I do not know the English prose equivalent that is displayed in
menuconfig or xconfig, but I _think_ the comments I included
correspond to the section headings.

| > Once the kernel is built, install it.  I don't use any special
| > parameters when booting the kernel.
| Right, I never had to pass any parameters either with former hardware
| and kernels.

If you include ide-cd as 'y' instead of 'm' then you need to tell it
not to grab the device you want ide-scsi to pick up later.  Some
docs/howtos talk about this.  (that's what I was referring to when I
said I don't use any parameters specific to that)


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