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Re. CD writer

I am reaching a stage of complete frustration in my
effort to install a CD writer. I have Debian woody
with a 2.4.22 kernel that I got from www.kernel.org.

My effort to configure the kernel for the scsi
emulation always fails. I am following the
instructions of: Linux-1U.net/CDRW CDRW-Writing
uHOWTO. Every time I follow their instructions,
including taking out all reference to ide from the
configuration menu, I still end up with ide not sg
when I do /proc/devices.

The only thing that I find strange in my procedure is
that in compiling the kernel, my instructions (from
Custom Kernel Compiling in Debian 2.2 by Jeepsta) use
kernel_image, but when I make the debian package, the
instructions call for kernel-image.Nevertheless, I
still end up with a working kernel, I am using it to
send this message. 

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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