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Re: International Characters

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On Tuesday 14 October 2003 19:28, Tom wrote:
> Well, tw.yahoo.com, www.xinhuanet.com, peopledaily.com.cn, and
> www.pravda.ru all look super!
> Got anything for www.haaretz.co.il (Hebrew) and www.aljazeera.net
> (Arabic)? <grin>

Nope. Hebrew and Arabic as well as indic scripts use variable shaping of glyphs, so that glyphs look different depending on their position in the text.
I don't know how to do such fonts, but I believe there are fonts for that in debian.
As I said, the cyrillic and greek glyphs are wide glyphs to cope with chinese standard. If you use cyrillic fonts the pages might look better, because then the glyphs have the same width like latin chars. :)

> I just love it when I surf somewhere random and it looks intelligble,
> even if I can't read it!

AFAIK KDE3 will try to interpolate the fonts to display glyphs which are not actually encoded in the font. BUt I don't know how this works and if the international xfont packages have something to do with it.

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