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Re: speedy spam

Jeff Elkins <jeffelkins@earthlink.net> said on Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:20:09 -0400:
> On Tuesday 14 October 2003 6:45 am, Andrew Hayes wrote:
> >Jeff Elkins wrote:
> >> Well, hell.
> >>
> >> I set up a new address (for family) on my server and inadvertently used it
> >> Sunday in a reply to debian-user. It's now being flooded with email
> >> viruses and spam.
> >
> >You aren't the only one, since signing up I've been blasted like
> >buggering regardless of Mozillas spam filters, no offense but screw this
> >  for a game of soldiers.
> It's pretty bad. I'm doing the fetchmail/mailfilter/spamassassin dance, so my 
> post was mainly just a whine. Exposing a "secure" address was a stupid 
> mistake on my part :(
> I wonder if anyone has thought of obfustcating email addresses on the list's 
> web archives? I wonder how many 'bots regularly scrape it for addresses?

Actually, that will do no good.

It has been brought up before that the entire list gets mirrored to

And in fact, that is where I am reading this from.

And it has been pointed out before that the SWEN varients seem to
mainly get their addresses from USENET, using built in newservers in
the virus code.

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