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Re: speedy spam

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 6:45 am, Andrew Hayes wrote:
>Jeff Elkins wrote:
>> Well, hell.
>> I set up a new address (for family) on my server and inadvertently used it
>> Sunday in a reply to debian-user. It's now being flooded with email
>> viruses and spam.
>You aren't the only one, since signing up I've been blasted like
>buggering regardless of Mozillas spam filters, no offense but screw this
>  for a game of soldiers.

It's pretty bad. I'm doing the fetchmail/mailfilter/spamassassin dance, so my 
post was mainly just a whine. Exposing a "secure" address was a stupid 
mistake on my part :(

I wonder if anyone has thought of obfustcating email addresses on the list's 
web archives? I wonder how many 'bots regularly scrape it for addresses?

Jeff Elkins

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