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Re: speedy spam

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 at 10:22 GMT, Jeff Elkins penned:
> Well, hell.
> I set up a new address (for family) on my server and inadvertently
> used it Sunday in a reply to debian-user. It's now being flooded with
> email viruses and spam.

Yup, welcome to the sad club.  If it makes you feel better, it's not
just debian-user; it seems like activity in any mailing list or usenet
group makes you vulnerable.

My current setup seems to work:

1) All mail accounts forwarded to home machine
2) procmail kills all messages within a certain size range that match
swen's signature (found this rule on d-u)
3) procmail runs spamassassin on messages to add spam headers
4) procmail runs tmda
5) tmda performs all sorts of filtering -- spam to a "special"  mailbox,
white lists, dropping messages w/executable attachments from unknown
sources, etc.  If messages don't match any of my rules, they are kept in
the tmda-prending queue till I want to deal with them.  (I have tmda set
to hold, not confirm.)

Unless you need to share ultra-sensitive super-spy stuff with me, please
don't email me directly.  I will most likely see your post before I read
your mail, anyway.

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