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Re: Inputting German, Japanese, and English at the same time?

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On Tuesday 14 October 2003 22:37, Don Werve wrote:
> All these messages about getting X and such to properly display
> international characters got me thinking; does anyone in here have a
> functioning setup for entering the above three languages in X terminal
> applications like vim and mutt?  Or, more accurately, does anyone know
> of a good way to input European languages, while at the same time
> keeping messages in English and allowing for kinput2-based Japanese
> input support?
> I can, of course, set my various locale-related environment variables
> and get English-and-German or English-and-Japanese, but if I touch
> almost anything, vim stops talking with Kinput (no japanese), but starts
> accepting accented German characters (I can again type with umlauts and
> such).  On top of that, most of my GUI-based X applications, such as
> Netscape and OO.o, have absolutely no problem with whatever I decide to
> thow at them.
> Any ideas?

AFAIK all asian input methods (IMs) use their own national encodings to create the characters.
I don't know any of them which supports unicode. For displaying european accents and umlauts together with asian chars you'll need unicode.
However, I use KDE3 and chinese to write mails and documents. My locale is set to en_US.UTF8 and I start a seperate chinese terminal with zh_TW.Big5 to make xcin putting traditional chinese chars into my apps when I start them from the chinese terminal..
When I want to use german, I have to disable xcin (change to English mode) and use the keyboard layout choser in KDE to change to german keyboard layout. Then I can input german chars at least into KDE apps, not into konsole, because of the locale settings.

locale is en_US.UTF8.
in KDE I start a Big5 xcinterm to get a chinese terminal with xcin as IM. The locale in that terminal is set to zh_TW.Big5.
- From that terminal I start kmail.
Now I can either type chinese, or use the KDE keyboard layout choose to change my keyboard to german. Then I can type german umlauts.
If the mail is sent as UTF8, the receipient will be able to read it as long as he has the correct fonts installed.

I know that for chinese (xcin) unicode support is work in progress.

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