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Re: Host Name; WWW.mydomain.com

   Thanks for responding. I've updated my name servers to use my
covad's (ISP) name servers (ns1/ns2.covad.net). I then updated my
covad account and created a A record for
www.jonnsorganicvegetables.com with the proper static IP address. Now
I'm just waiting for this information to propagate.

  If you have any other advice for a newbie like me, I'd love to hear

"Monique Y. Herman" <spam@bounceswoosh.org> wrote in message news:<GkLL.dr.21@gated-at.bofh.it>...
> On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 at 22:37 GMT, Thomas Kroljic penned:
> > All,
> > 
> >    First off I'm a newbie to linux. I recently installed Debian Linux
> >    (woody) on a Dell Optiplex. During the installation process, I set
> >    the following: installed Apache Web Server, used a host name of
> >    "Debian-Dimension", used a static IP address, and also assign a
> >    domain name that I registered called mydomain.com.
> > 
> >    Problem: if i use a browser on another machine and type
> >    www.mydomain.com, I get the standard "Page can not be displayed"
> >    (can not find server or DNS) but if I type in
> >    debian-dimension.mydomain.com, the first webpage for this site
> >    appears.
> > 
> >     I registered my domain name with GoDaddy.com. After I registered
> >     my name, I updated the Host Name at Godaddy to use
> >     "Debian-Dimension" along with the correct static IP address.
> > 
> >     At this point, I'm confused. Can anyone point me in the right
> >     direction? I spoke with tech support at GoDaddy and they are
> >     telling me that I have the Host name configured correctly at thier
> >     site.
> > 
> >     Thank you, Thomas J. Kroljic tkroljic@covad.net
> > 
> If I understood what you said properly ...
> You need to set up an alias with godaddy.com.  www., ftp., etc aren't
> just automatically appended to your domain; you need to explicitly
> choose which machine names will resolve, and where they will go to.  You
> probably want to set things up such that www.mydomain.com points to your
> debian-dimension machine.
> I recommend calling up your godaddy tech support folks and finding out
> how to set this up.
> -- 
> monique
> Unless you need to share ultra-sensitive super-spy stuff with me, please
> don't email me directly.  I will most likely see your post before I read
> your mail, anyway.

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