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Re: Host Name; WWW.mydomain.com


    Thanks for replying so quickly and asking for more information. 
    Here is what I've done so far. First off, my domain name is
jonnsorganicvegetables.com. As of last night, I changed the name
servers at GoDaddy to my Covad name servers (ns1.covad.net and
ns2.covad.net) I then went to my Covad account and created the
necessary A record for www.jonnsorganicvegetables.com with the correct
static IP address. Currently I am waiting for the new name serves to
get updated (if you do a nslookup, my domian name is listed as using
the DNS at debian-dimension.jonnsorganicvegetables.com) Hopefully in
the next 24 hours the names servers will be update to use

   If you have any thoughts or suggestions on what else I need to do,
please let me know.

Vineet Kumar <vineet@doorstop.net> wrote in message news:<GkiE.7Z4.9@gated-at.bofh.it>...
> * Thomas Kroljic (tkroljic@covad.net) [031013 15:56]:
> > All,
> > 
> >    First off I'm a newbie to linux. I recently installed Debian Linux
> > (woody) on a Dell Optiplex. During the installation process, I set the
> > following: installed Apache Web Server, used a host name of
> > "Debian-Dimension", used a static IP address, and also assign a domain
> > name that I registered called mydomain.com.
> >
> >    Problem: if i use a browser on another machine and type
> > www.mydomain.com, I get the standard "Page can not be displayed" (can
> > not find server or DNS) but if I type in
> > debian-dimension.mydomain.com, the first webpage for this site
> > appears.
> It's much easier for someone to answer your question if you don't munge
> the facts about the problem.  I'm sure you don't mean you actually got
> mydomain.com.  What is your real domain?  If we knew that, we could use
> 'dig' to find out some information about how you are set up and see what
> is missing/incorrect.
> My initial guess is that you don't have an entry for 'www.mydomain.com',
> so that doesn't resolve to anything.  You probably want www to be a
> CNAME for mydomain.com.
> good times,
> Vineet
> -- 
> http://www.doorstop.net/

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