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Re: Host Name; WWW.mydomain.com

* Thomas Kroljic (tkroljic@covad.net) [031014 07:34]:
> Vineet,
>     Thanks for replying so quickly and asking for more information. 
>     Here is what I've done so far. First off, my domain name is
> jonnsorganicvegetables.com. As of last night, I changed the name
> servers at GoDaddy to my Covad name servers (ns1.covad.net and
> ns2.covad.net) I then went to my Covad account and created the
> necessary A record for www.jonnsorganicvegetables.com with the correct
> static IP address. Currently I am waiting for the new name serves to
> get updated (if you do a nslookup, my domian name is listed as using
> the DNS at debian-dimension.jonnsorganicvegetables.com) Hopefully in
> the next 24 hours the names servers will be update to use
> ns1/ns2.covad.net.

It looks like you've taken all the right actions.  Actually, I can
confirm that it looks like it's working now, from here.  One thing you
might want to take care of is to also add an A record for "@" (meaning
jonnsorganicvegetables.com with no subdomain prepended) pointing to the
same address.  Currently there is no record for that name.  Often, lazy
browsers (like myself) will type in a domain name just like that.  If
you add that entry as well, then both jonnsorganicvegetables.com and
www.jonnsorganicvegetables.com should work (assuming your webserver
isn't doing some name-based virtualhosting that won't allow that without
some reconfiguration).

good times,
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