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Re: Splitting attachments into separate emails

On Mon, Oct 13 at 16:08, kmark@pipeline.com penned the following:

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Monique Y. Herman wrote:

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 at 08:08 GMT, Johann Spies penned:
>> These 4 options can be sorted out with procmail. I also realized
>> that the from: would be from your network and the to: would be
>> you, also on your network, so that would differentiate it from
>> other mails using procmail.  Also, you can use a (maybe underused)
>> mail filtering technique: the '+'.  You can ask that the mail be
>> send to : admin+spam@.... or admin+ham@....  and this is easy to
>> filter. Or create a 2 new email addresses. These are suggestion to
>> figure out which mails are for sa.
> I did not know about the '+' option.  That is nice.

I'm not sure that all MTAs support the + notation out of the box ...
I know I had to tweak exim to get it to pass through addresses of
style user-spam@host.com ... iirc I would have had to have done the
same for the + notation.
Hi Monique and Debs, Does anyone know which MTA will or won't. Monique,
just for kicks, could you try it? It worked on my generic sendmail and
it worked for my BIG, commerical ISP earthlink. So, I'm just curious?

I got the following error message in my exim logs:

unknown local part "monique+testing" in domain "host.com"

This is version 3.36.

In order to get dashes working (which is what I use instead of the
plus), I have this entry:

 driver = localuser
 transport = local_delivery
 suffix = -*
 suffix_optional = true

I believe I only had to add the last two lines.

The keywords are slightly different in exim4, I believe.


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