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need help with kde 3.1.4

I upgraded to kde 3.1.4 following the instructions in
David Pashley's FAQ. In order not to spoil my working
woody system, I installed another woody system on a
different partition to try things out. On my tryout
partition, kde 3.1.4 works properly. When I installed
it on my working woody partition, it developed quirks
which leads me to believe that something is configured
incorrectly, but I can't find it.

Here are the symptoms. The tops of boxes, e.g. the
terminal, are not blue but gray. I cannot drag the
boxes in the usual way.

The icon for the four different desktops is there, but
clicking does not switch from one to another.

In some places, e.g. my browser, there is no response
to my keyboard.

Does anybody know what is configured incorrectly?

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