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Re: Splitting attachments into separate emails

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 11:30:41PM -0400, kmark@pipeline.com wrote:

> First I was confused by your phrase 'send me .. as attachments'

Apologies for not being clear enough.

> there are 2 formats that various mailreader use: inline and attachment. So,
> you'd have to check for both types and extract them differently. Secondly,
> I was not sure if the user would 'reply' or 'forward' the mail to you.

Forward as attachments.  A user would for example mark messages and
then forward them to me as attachments.

> These 4 options can be sorted out with procmail. I also realized that the
> from: would be from your network and the to: would be you, also on your
> network, so that would differentiate it from other mails using procmail.
> Also, you can use a (maybe underused) mail filtering technique: the '+'.
> You can ask that the mail be send to : admin+spam@.... or admin+ham@....
> and this is easy to filter. Or create a 2 new email addresses. These are
> suggestion to figure out which mails are for sa. 

I did not know about the '+' option.  That is nice.

> Now once that is done, you need to determine what to do with the 4
> mail types: inline forward, attachment forward, inline reply and
> attachment reply. procmail and/or perl may be need to do this simple
> check. 

As far as I can see procmail/formail can not extract or split
attachments into separate files and I would probably write something
to do this.  I do not know perl very well, so I would probably do it
in ocaml which is more familiar to me.

Thanks for your reply.


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