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Struggling with rootstrap (uml networking)

I am trying to use rootstrap to build a uml image.  Unfortunately it has got 
to the point where its trying to fetch packages from the debian mirror and 
the network is hanging.

I have set it up to use the uml_switch daemon.

The switch daemon is connected to a tap device (tap0) which itself is 
connected into a bridge with the external (2) ethernet cards of the host.  In 
otherwords the whole network inside the host should behave as though its part 
of the same single ethernet lan of the rest of the network.  [This is a 
crucial assumption - is it right?]

Unfortnately, when I bring the user mode linux instance up, it doesn't seem to 
be contactable.  From the outside I try and ping it, from inside the attempt 
to fetch packages times out.

I can't see how to find out what is not happening.  Has anyone any ideas

Alan Chandler

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