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Re: Struggling with rootstrap (uml networking)

On Sunday 12 October 2003 07:49, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am trying to use rootstrap to build a uml image.  Unfortunately it has
> got to the point where its trying to fetch packages from the debian mirror
> and the network is hanging.
> I have set it up to use the uml_switch daemon.
> The switch daemon is connected to a tap device (tap0) which itself is
> connected into a bridge with the external (2) ethernet cards of the host. 
> In otherwords the whole network inside the host should behave as though its
> part of the same single ethernet lan of the rest of the network.  [This is
> a crucial assumption - is it right?]

I gave up in the end, and created a small sub-net for the uml_switch network.  
With routing set up properly (not so easy - I had to manually configure my 
internet gateway to route to this particular subnet) it has started to work 
(except for non network problems - see next post on subject)

Alan Chandler

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