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Media: Icons, Backgrounds, Clip art, and other media distributed in debian packages.

I was looking for a(the) netscape icon.  I found several packages that included such an Icon,
however I was not intersted in installing any of them.  I also have a Background I use provided by
the WindowMaker package.  It was easy enuff for me to backup the Background befour I purged WM,
however when it's not installed there is no way for me to know what package it came from.

This seamed to me to be an issue of granularity.  It's true that WM might subjest a background,
but it as a WManager shoulden't provide any.  There for I'd like to create a debian-media set of
packages desined to provide media to apps that can make use of them.  So that I can install
debian-media-1, which would depend on debian-{backgrounds,icons,clipart,sound}-1.  WM can subjest
debian-backgrounds-4 that would provide all the backgrounds it was shiped with, however
debian-backgrounds-1 would provide the user with enuff backgrounds to be happy.

Dose this sound like the right solution?

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