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Re: simply mutt (Re: Mutt with evolution)

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 11:50:58AM +0530, Ashish Ariga wrote:

> I am still having some problems getting mutt to work.
> 1. Periodic checking for pop mail ("fetch-mail") doesn't work in spite
> of pop_* being set. Should I set spoolfile to pop:// instead ?

Your spool file should be /var/mail/yourusername and mutt looks there by
default.  Execute 'echo $MAIL' to check its location.  You do not want
to use mutt's spoolfile variable set to anything else.  Read section
6.3.240 of the mutt manual.

If you really want to use mutt's fetch-mail function to fetch your mail
and put it in $MAIL it should be sufficient for you to put the following
in your $HOME/.muttrc:

set pop_host="your_pop3_server"
set pop_pass="your_password_on_the_server"
set pop_user="your_username_on_the_server"

Do not forget to restart mutt for these to take effect.
> 2. Specifying filters for incoming mail like
>    "if msg body has text XYZ, then delete the msg"
>    "if msg is from mailing list ABC, move to folder ABC"
> I'm guessing I need to use "score", but I am not sure how.

For filtering mail you are better off looking at using procmail.  While
I'm not certain what 'score' could be used for it doesn't appear to be
suitable for what you want to do.


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