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Suggestions for Organization's documents

I work with a very small non-profit and over the years they have been
keeping documents in various formats (most often MS Word or
WordPerfect).  From these documents they generate printed booklets (so
postscript output good), and the documents are also available on-line in
HTML (to fit their existing web site) and as PDF.

I'd like to move to text-based documents so we are not dependent on a 
specific product (like Word).  So I'm looking for suggestions.

The people that create and manage these documents come and go (twice a 
year people change at the organization).  So I'm looking for something 
with an easy learning curve.  HTML is an options because everyone these 
days seems to have a bit of HTML experience.  The other advantage of 
HTML is that people can typically view them on their local machine.

MS Word is nice that most seem to have it and it has reasonably good
formatting (for wrapping text around images and so on) but the
translation to HTML is horrible -- it won't generate HTML that they can
use directly with their web site (which use style sheets and a
templating system).  Not to mention it's not an Open Source solution.

So, I'm looking for something where the documents are easily edited, 
there's *not much of a learning curve* for editing the text, and tools 
exist for multiple platforms for generating ps or pdf output for preview 
locally.  And easy translation to HTML to fit our site.  XSLT?? DocBook?  


Bill Moseley

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