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Re: Spamassassin thinking i'm a spammer

* Mark Maas (mark@menem.mine.nu) [031003 03:23]:
> All,
> I installed the following:
> Exim 3.35, Amavis, spamassassin, razor and clam-av.
> Amavis scans incoming and outgoing emails, and therefore also get
> passed on to Spamassassin for checking as wel.

How are you doing this?  I assume you pass all mail through a director
which then scans and re-injects the message.  I also assume that that
director ignores messages which have come in with a specific protocol
(i.e. spam-scanned or similar -- whatever is specified in the
reinjection command line).  You should just change this director to
ignore mail that came in via the 'local' protocol as well, and local
mail won't be scanned.  Of course, I made a lot of assumptions, so this
may not be the correct answer for your setup.

good times,
"If you can put it on a T-shirt, it's speech... To enjoin the T-shirts as a
circumvention device is ludicrous." --Robin Gross, EFF staff attorney

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