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Spamassassin thinking i'm a spammer

I installed the following:
Exim 3.35, Amavis, spamassassin, razor and clam-av.
Amavis scans incoming and outgoing emails, and therefore also get passed on to Spamassassin for checking as wel.
Receently though spamassassin thinks i'm a spammer as well:
Unsolicited bulk email from:
Subject: SPAM [verify@relay05.reunion.com: registration@reunion.com: vate Your Reunion.com Account Today!!]

According to the 'Received:' trace, the message originated at:

The message WILL BE delivered to:

The message has been quarantined as:
Why? Well i've got a exim forward filter file, and when an email comes in with ****SPAM**** in the subject it gets send to spamcop for reporting. That report email is seen by spamassassin as spam as well.
How do I tell spamassassin that email originating from local accounts (root, mark, etc) are by default never spam?

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