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Re: Games for 1-2 year old child. Recommendations wanted.

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Pigeon wrote:

> When I were a lad my parents would only let me watch Play School or
> the test card, then later let me watch the other children's programmes
> that came between Play School and the news. It was quite an
> achievement to get them to let me watch Doctor Who. These programmes
> were all on BBC1, so no adverts. I wasn't allowed to watch the
> commercial ITV channel, and only glimpsed the occasional advert at a
> friend's house. The only thing I regret about this is the amount of
> Doctor Who I missed.

I grew up in England too and as I child I was so jealous of my American
cousins.  In the early '80s in a certain town near Pittsburgh you could
watch Scooby-Doo three times a day if you planned your TV schedule
appropriately.  And what did we have?  Ok Dangermouse was good.  But those
weird Czechoslavakian abstract expressionist cartoons? I still cringe when
I hear the words "Film Board of Canada."  Rolf Harris's Cartoon Time was a
weekly oasis but during the weekdays we patiently endured Jackanory and
John Cravens' fricking Newsround for a brief sweet glimpse of Space
Sentinels or Hong Kong Phooey.  My contemporaries and I hated it.  My
parents didn't mind Dr. Who but at that age I wanted cartoons dammit and I
would have accepted any amount of corporate brainwashing to get them.

Of course I am a better man for it now.  And in writing this I have gotten
deeply nostalgic for the Magic Roundabout (which would melt the brains of
Pokemon-addled American children.) but I would want a regime a little less
severe than the BBC for my Shailaja.  A few ads here and there are ok, its
the relentless barrage I take exception too.

> The television regulating authorities ought to legislate that the PDC
> code information should contain a flag to indicate whether the current
> material being transmitted is programme content, advertising or
> trailers. This could then be decoded by the receiving apparatus to
> mute the sound and blank the screen during adverts. Broadcasters would
> be fined $100,000 per frame with a wrong flag. The advertisers would
> hate it, but fsck 'em. The viewers hate the adverts, and we're in the
> majority, by a long long way.

That would never fly over here where even the ostensibly "public"
broadcasting service is slipping in ads.  Luckily thanks to technology it
may not matter.  God bless Tivo and Netflix.

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