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Re: Holy Spam!

> It isn't just people on listserv's that will be annoyed: please never
> send automatic replies; the "from" address is a lie anyway.

	This is one of the reasons I put a caveat about listservs not following
rules.  However, FWIW, on a business only address (which isn't
subscribing to a listserv) this can be a very good way to make sure a
vital e-mail isn't accidentally sent to /dev/null.  For instance, in my
personal e-mail box if any e-mails are dropped that were legit I might
miss out on talking to Grandpa (he's got a dirty mouth), but I will
never lose a multi million dollar contract.  In business losing a
multimillion dollar contract because you never got any of the e-mails
(What you've never needed to talk about forks to somebody from Brooklyn
to get a contract?).  Thus an autoresponder which whitelists people can
be a good idea.


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