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Re: Holy Spam!

On 03 Oct 2003, J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> Personally I gave up on the idea of hiding my email address a long time
> ago.  I want people with a legitimate reason to be able to reach me
> without jumping through hoops.  With dictionary attacks against mail
> servers and third-party leaks of email addresses (think what a virus can
> do with a correspondant's inbox), I'm not convinced that obfusticating
> my email address is going to continue to be a good anti-spam solution
> anyway.
> --Bruce Fields

I agree. I've sometimes been pleased to be able to get further
information via email when I've come across an interesting message on

I don't find that spam grows endlessly, though there is certainly a lot
of it - it's been fairly constant for many months at about 80-100/day (I
don't count it). But spamprobe catches virtually all of it with no
false positives at all, so never have to see it. It just makes my mail
downloads take a bit longer than they otherwise would, but as I'm on an
unmetered account this doesn't matter greatly. Admittedly, if I had to
pay depending on my time on line I might feel differently, I suppose.

Anthony Campbell

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