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Random (?) terminals get killed after booting and logging in with GNOME2


Since the GNOME 2 stuff got into testing, it seems that I have the following problem: when I boot my Debian testing system and log in (xdm, gnome-session), after a few minutes one of the terminals I launch per default are getting killed. I'm launching 4 terminals (saved with "Save Session") by default. Most of the time the top left one gets killed... Today I ran a program in one of the terminals, just after having started the system and having logged in. After a minute, the terminal I started the program from and the program itself just got silently killed...
I can't find anyting weird in my system logs.

Anyone having the same problem? Or know the cause and solution?

It's really very annoying and I'm not tending to upgrade my Debian testing system at work to GNOME 2 until I know what this is...

Please help!

Best regards,

Manuel Bilderbeek

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