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Re: how to build Debian 2.4.20, -21, or -22 kernel package for woody?

Daniel B. wrote:

I'm a little confused about kernel package names in unstable.

What is:

kernel-image-2.4-k7-smp 2.4.22-2 (6.1k) Linux kernel image for version 2.4 on AMD K7 SMP.

vs. kernel-image-2.4.22-1-k7-smp 2.4.22-2 (11490.8k) Linux kernel image for version 2.4.22 on AMD K7 SMP.

Is the first package, with just "2.4" in its name, a metapackage that
depends on some 2.4.xx package, and is the second (2.4.22 in the name)
such a depended-on package?

Basically. The first package is a meta-package that always depends on the latest available 2.4 kernel in the Debian archive. So, when 2.4.23 finally comes out, its upgrade will depend on the new kernel.


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