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Re: xinerama ideas

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

But another use is one user with xinerama. Since I
usually sit 17 inches off the tube, I find looking at
the other tube, which is 31 inches away, not easy.
What in the world would I use xinerama for? Not having
had it, being small-minded, now I can't think of a use
of it.

Any ideas?
If I understand correctly, you have one monitor about 17" from your eyes, and another one 31 inches away? Why is the second one so far away? Can you not put them side-by-side? That's when you'd find it handy. I tend to keep my web browser up on one, and my mail client up on the other (15" monitors; if I had a 21" this probably wouldn't be so appealing). Basically it just provides more real-estate.

Or stack them; not quite as handy in my opinion, but workable.

Or the one that's off a distance could be reserved for "demos", when someone comes in and sits at your desk and you want to show them something on your computer without them having to lean over your shoulder.

Or one could be showing you the "action" portion of your favorite networked first-person-shooter while the other one is showing your IRC conversation with your team/enemy.

And finally, it's just cool. Yeah yeah, Mac's had it for a decade, and Windows can do it too. Still, few "normal" people have seen it so when they see a Linux box doing it they think "Wow! Linux is cool!". (Set up a booth at your next installfest, or computer show, or hamfest, or multi-family garage sale . . . .)


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