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Re: Xmms was working now its not - how do I fix/find the problem

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:20:39AM -0500, Wathen, Metherion wrote:

> Three days ago I had a working xmms installation,
> last night i wanted to listen to some music mp3's on a cd
> and poof no sound, no error message pop-ups (is there a log I
> can check?), nothing. the song i selected went into the playlist

if you use some sound daemon (artsd, esd, etc - do you?) check it out from
the ps aux list if it is running.

If your kernel directly uses your soundcard, then you should check 
if some processes use the sound-device (/dev/dsp)  like that:

fuser /dev/dsp

at me:

charlie@marvin:~$ fuser /dev/dsp
/dev/dsp:            21797 21798 21799 21800 21804 21805

charlie@marvin:~$ ps aux |  grep 21797 
charlie  21797  1.4  1.6 21484 8476 ?        S    17:49   0:00 xmms

if you dont find anything, you can try the following:

echo > /dev/dsp

if it doesn't succeed, there's a fair chance that you do not have 
the sounddriver loaded (do you?).

are you in the sound group? in the cdrom group? 

are your boxes set to be loud enough to hear? *scnr* :)



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