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Re: Xmms was working now its not - how do I fix/find the problem

Wathen, Metherion wrote:

Hi everybody,
Three days ago I had a working xmms installation,
last night i wanted to listen to some music mp3's on a cd
and poof no sound, no error message pop-ups (is there a log I
can check?), nothing. the song i selected went into the playlist
but after that nothing happened. This is odd because i haven't
used the system since the last time i was playing cd's three days ago.

system info - partial
P100 32Mb RAM
tdfx video 16Mb RAM

its cool to cc: me directly
Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

I'd do a "ps ax" and look for any sound-looking processes running them (old xmms, artsd, etc) and kill them. Or look for a sound daemon that should be running but that's not (artsd, etc).

You might try exiting out of X and killing any X-related processes (kdm, gdm, xprint, artsd, xinit, etc) if there are still any running, and then restarting X and trying xmms again.

You might try a console-based mp3 player, or another X-based one; you might want to try it as a different user.


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