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Re: Debian Desktop for a Joe Average

On Thursday 02 October 2003 04:03, Wolfgang Lonien wrote:
> Edward Murrell wrote:
> > [Debian as a Windoze replacement]
> Hi Ed (and Joe of course :-P),
> as a replacement for Win, you should try Knoppix. Really. It runs straight
> from CD, and it has a very good hardware detection. You can get it at
> http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/
> After installing it to disk with knx-hdinstall, you might want to change
> the /etc/apt/sources.list to unstable, followed by an apt-get update and
> apt-get dist-upgrade.
> > The hardware is as follows;
> > Athlon 1600, 256 MB DDR, nForce1 board, nForce1 sound, AGP GF4MX,
> > generic networking (Realtek I think).
> For the nforce-board (I have one also, tho my wife and me use regular
> Debian), get the drivers from the nvidia page. Sound will work out of the
> box (even with Knoppix, which uses the i810 drivers), but 3D gaming will be
> a bit slow with the XFree 'nv' drivers. The nvidia script makes all the
> appropriate changes.
> After all the upgrading, you'll have Sid, which works great.
> HTH,
> wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien
> --
> NTV '94 RedSue 24-42Mm running on fuel, everything else runs Debian

Thanks for the tips. I consider myself Joe Average. I've run Mandrake and SuSE 
- but have had problems getting everything just right in Debian Woody. I also 
have a Knoppix CD - so might just try the Knoppix to hard disk route.

Is there a FAQ on how to change the /etc/apt/sources.list to unstable?

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