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Re: Debian Desktop for a Joe Average

Edward Murrell wrote:

> [Debian as a Windoze replacement]

Hi Ed (and Joe of course :-P),

as a replacement for Win, you should try Knoppix. Really. It runs straight
from CD, and it has a very good hardware detection. You can get it at


After installing it to disk with knx-hdinstall, you might want to change
the /etc/apt/sources.list to unstable, followed by an apt-get update and
apt-get dist-upgrade.
> The hardware is as follows;
> Athlon 1600, 256 MB DDR, nForce1 board, nForce1 sound, AGP GF4MX,
> generic networking (Realtek I think).

For the nforce-board (I have one also, tho my wife and me use regular
Debian), get the drivers from the nvidia page. Sound will work out of the
box (even with Knoppix, which uses the i810 drivers), but 3D gaming will be
a bit slow with the XFree 'nv' drivers. The nvidia script makes all the
appropriate changes.

After all the upgrading, you'll have Sid, which works great.

wjl aka Wolfgang Lonien
NTV '94 RedSue 24-42Mm running on fuel, everything else runs Debian

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