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Re: Base system

Henry S. Vieira wrote:

Hi all,

I've installed Debian for the first time and after the installation of the base
system and the first boot I had 86MB used. After that, the post-boot dselect
installed more packages, e.g perl, python.
You will probably "want these" though strictly speaking python is not required.
Many of the Debian package management tools will need these.

I did not select any package, I just
exited dselect. Are these default packages really necessary and part of the
base system?

If they are listed in deselect as "required" then they are.

Where does the list come from?

"packages.gz " in each directory (e.g. the Debian mirror site that you download from or the directory on your CD etc.

Does dselect use the base system,
checks the dependencies and install these other packages?


Note: The first package that you should install from areas that are not "reqiured" ; even if you are trying to maintain a small file system is 'mc' (midnight commander) it will be your friend :-)

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems

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