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Re: need pop3 mail client that leaves mail on server

A web-based email client http://ez2mail.infocode.net/ should help. It’s a pop3 email client for remote e-mail users.
WEB: www.infocode.net
Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote:
> I have managed to get my low-speed ppp connection (about 6k max)
> running.  The connection itself is stable, but text sessions are not;
> they seem to hang.  So netscape and ftp (other than to the ppp host)
> work, but xterm, rsh, etc. do not.  IRC in the client is stable, but
> running it in a window on the host hangs.
> The host is also my regular machine, where my mail lives.
> I need to get at my mail, without transferring it all (the digests
> would take several minutes, and several of my mailing list I only read
> small parts of.
> So what I need is something that will get at my mail on the host, while
> running on the laptop/client, but leave the mail on the host,
> transferring only the subject/author unless i choose to read a message.
> It would be even nicer if it could use the folders and .maildelivery
> from exmh, but i can live with everything living in inbox
> rick
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